“My testimony”- Lady who was earning N27k salary saves, gets passport, relocates to UK

A Nigerian woman has described how she suffered until she received her visa and moved to the UK for a better life.

lady 27k salary

The lady saved money and obtained an international passport in 2021 while earning a salary of N21,000. She later moved to Lagos for a work.

While in Lagos, her (@__simply__dee) pay was raised to N113k. She couldn’t afford a flat, so she rented a room with six other individuals. Life was difficult for her.

A friend she subsequently met offered her free lodging. The lady passed her IELTS exam on the third attempt.

Her CBT was passed on the first attempt. After looking for work and sponsorship, the lady landed in the United Kingdom in January 2024, and her entire life transformed.

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some of the reactions below:

Fay Fay “Our story is just very very similar! Mine a little bit extreme because I took IELTS 5 times.. my testimony is on the way too. Congratulations babes.”

MRS_OYE said: “Congratulations, when verification was still 20k, ei God.”

oyinkansolla said: “I am so proud of you babe. Don’t know you but from the depth of my heart, I’m proud of you. Sending you lots of love!”

Voguish Leen said: “Talk about determination, resilience and hard work. I don’t know you but I’m so proud of you right now, may God continue to elevate you. Congrats.”

Glasskinwoman said: “You also put in the work my darling, u are hardworking and God crowned ur effort!! U did not just fold ur hands and pray, you worked for where u are today.”


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