Nigerian lady cries bitterly as lip blushing goes wrong

  • A Nigerian woman was seen crying uncontrollably after undergoing a botched lip blushing procedure, causing a stir on social media.
  • A woman shared a video of booking a lip blushing appointment, but her lips remained swollen and infected after the procedure.
Nigerian lady cries bitterly as lip blushing goes wrong

Following a failed lip-blush procedure, a Nigerian lady was filmed sobbing excessively, causing a buzz on social media.

She posted a video of herself excitedly making an appointment for lip blushing and the procedure itself. Her lips became infected, though, because they did not shrink back to their normal size following the surgery.

Online commenters said that since she used her money to buy herself suffering and sorrow, she deserved what she got.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…

@Ishowleck said: “Now that we use our money to buy pain and tears, let’s keep enjoying the view. Even God is laughing at us.”

@LekkiDiva said: “The lip blushing got infected. Using that nylon to cover it up could easily lead to infections. People are always trying to change their looks, but sometimes they forget about safety and hygiene. The rate is alarming”

@Mobolaji Abdul asked: “But why do ladies go extra miles for beauty ? It’s insane”

@Dansuki said: “Some ladies do not even know their problems, like what’s this ”

@Ndubisi Omeke said: “God gave you natural lips and you no like am. You go blushed am, what do you expect next?”

@Deslilym said: “Her lips now competing with her stomach”


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