“One With You Is with Majority” – May Edochie Celebrates Rita Edochie On Birthday

“The hand that has sworn not to release what it has seized, God will cut it” – Rita Edochie prays, thanks Nigerians for standing by May Rita Edochie, a seasoned Nollywood actress, thanks Nigerians for their support during May Edochie's marriage issue. In opposition to her husband Yul Edochie and his second wife Judy Austin, Rita Edochie has been outspoken in her support of May Edochie. She thanked everyone for their well wishes and messages of support ever since her marriage issue started. She also prayed for hands that have taken possession of something that is not theirs to be destroyed. The post stated... “APPRECIATION POST 📫 TO ALL THE MAYNATION WITHIN THE GLOBE 🌎, WORDS ARE REALLY NOT ENOUGH TO EXPRESS HOW GRATEFUL THE EDOCHIE(S) ARE , YOUR PRAYERS, YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORTS TOWARDS MY DARLING DAUGHTER QUEEN MAY HAS BEEN OVERWHELMING IF WE BEGIN TO PEN DOWN OUR FEELINGS, THEN A COMPANY THAT PRODUCES EXERCISE BOOKS 📚 WILL HAVE TO BE CONTRACTED FOR SUPPPLY 😮 BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT TO BE WRITTEN. KEEP THE SUPPORTS COMING MY GREAT PEOPLE BECAUSE 2024 WILL BE EXTRA HOT AND MASSIVE WITH QUEEN MAY THE HAND THAT HAS SWORN NOT TO RELEASE WHAT IT HAS SEIZED, GOD ALMIGHTY WILL CUT IT INTO SHREDS SO SHALL IT BE 🙌 😌 🙏 AMEN…. HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE MORE MY GREAT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD 🌎.” See the post below:

May Edochie, the first wife of Nollywood star Yul Edochie, is celebrating her husband’s aunt, Rita Edochie, as she reaches a new age.

She shared a series of images on her Instagram page, thanking Rita for her lively personality and powerful presence in people’s lives.

In her heartfelt message, may showered Rita with blessings.

She highlighted Rita’s dynamic nature, captured in the images she shared, and extended her wishes for abundant blessings and continued happiness.

May’s prayers encompassed divine upliftment, favourable circumstances, and endless joy for Rita.

In her words:

“Guess who’s birthday it is?

It’s the last slide for me, too much action.

May the Almighty God uplift you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May green be the grass you walk on.

May the Lord bestow upon you many more joyful years!

Person wey get you, get somebody.

Happy birthday our one and only beautiful momma! @ritaedochie .”

See the post below:

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