Saida Boj’s Instagram account gets banned, less than 24 hours after her TikTok vanished

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Saida Boj, a well-known influencer, faced the unfortunate loss of her Instagram page shortly after her TikTok account was taken down due to backlash over her controversial comments.

The TikToker had sparked controversy with her statements on the Honest Bunch podcast, including comments about men being frugal and advising women to request payment from men within a day of meeting them.

With 1.3 million followers on TikTok, her account disappeared abruptly. Subsequently, her Instagram account met a similar fate.

Reacting to the post:

balo_ng commented: “If Nigerians join hands vex for you na i, serious gobe oo, that’s why our politicians are doing everything to keep us divided”

favoseme wrote: “Make government send warning for i, her arrest”

iambetterpikin01 enquired: “Abeg any other account still Dey ? Am i, asking for a friend”

tufab wrote: “As these 2 accounts don go like this, how she wan see 20 million. God abeg. like this now 20k is a lot.”

onlyonekesh_ stated: “Omooo so na saida Dey make millions oO of men run kitikiti katakata since 3days now”

 stellz_chy said: “God will judge all of you, this girl did oO absolutely nothing to y’all Tufiakwa”

iam_lordwinny wrote: “Erigga fans say cheese”

unclenasco asked: “Which people don go report this girl page na? It’s not fair”

mrklebbeatz penned: “Atleast she can now concentrate and, raise 20m per session”


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