“Stand up for yourself”- Fearless Schoolboy confidently faces older girl

A little boy is trending on social media for how he stood his ground during a heated argument with an older-looking girl.

boy confronts school

The video, which looked to be old, emerged following a well known bullying episode at Lead British School in Abuja.

The boy’s identity is unknown, but social media users have used him as an example of how to push back.

It’s unclear what sparked the quarrel between the youngster and the girl, but he refused to bulge.

He was wearing his school uniform, as did the other young children who stood and observed the incident.

The boy’s opponent, however, was not dressed in a uniform, but both were angry and looked to be ready to fight.

The video was first shared on TikTok by Holland, but it was also reshared on X by bod_republic.

Reactions as boy stands his ground

@Amy_beke said: “Learn to stand up for yourself.”

@monako19899 commented: “I like the boy confident; this is how man is supposed to be.”

@amietorii said: “Be bold nothing do you.”

@OphycialPHD commented: “I try these nonsense, till now I no fit use my right leg well.”

@iamstretch_ said: “As you dey make mouth just dey use eye find the nearest exit because your oppressor fit no fall for the mouth o.”

@OT96Flex said: “Too much mouth sef no too good oo, if you come see action you go just tire.”


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