Tapswap Server Breaks Down Due to Overcrowding from Nigeria

Tap Swap

 TapSwap, a well-known cryptocurrency platform where users can engage in games to accumulate coins for later conversion into actual currency, has allegedly experienced a malfunction.

This information came to light through a series of social media posts discussing the platform’s current status.

Online posts have pointed out that TapSwap is presently undergoing maintenance and has become inaccessible due to a breakdown caused by excessive traffic.

Several users affected by the disruption have shared screenshots of notifications from TapSwap explaining the cause of the breakdown and subsequent maintenance.

Reacting to the post:

@Jessicalevi13: “TapSwap server always going down, lol. The only thing I see is Tears Loading.”

@CryptoDefiLord: “With the large numbers of people coming into #TAPSWAP every day, the team should be adding more servers to accommodate all these people. @tapswapai is the leading tap tap token on Telegram and shouldn’t be having such problems.”

@connectwithtola: “#TapSwap is overcrowded! Kudos to every Nigerian out there on TapSwap, we took this project mainstream 👏 I hope other projects are ready for us? We have so many powers 👹 to unleash heavily.”


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