Explore the Past Through 2023’s Top Historical Fiction Novels

Explore the Past Through 2023's Top Historical Fiction Novels

Are you a history enthusiast looking to learn more, or simply someone who enjoys a good story set in the past? If so, then you’re in luck, as there are plenty of great new historical fiction books coming out in 2023! From ancient times to the mid-20th century, and from the world wars to the 1800s, these stories will take you on a journey through time. Plus, many of them are based on true stories and real people, while others tell original tales that bring forgotten corners of history to life.

Authors such as Sophfronia Scott, Sarah Penner, Sadeqa Johnson, Janie Chang, Heather Webb, Lynn Cullen, Marie Benedict, and Stephanie Marie Thornton are all creating vivid pictures of eras gone by, with characters struggling to meet societal expectations. With these books, you can get a more personal take on the stories from your history books. So make sure to include some of 2023’s best historical fiction titles in your reading plans this year – you might even learn something about the present as well!


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