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Nollywood Firsts: Olumide Oworu on How He Felt Playing First-time Dad in ‘Saving Onome,’ with Co-star Nancy Isime – Nollywire

Nollywood Firsts: Olumide Oworu on How He Felt Playing First-time Dad in 'Saving Onome,' with Co-star Nancy Isime - Nollywire

Not many actors can boast of a seamless career transition from a child or teenage role to portraying a parent on screen, but Olumide Oworu is one of the select few who can.

For the first time, Olumide Oworu takes on the role of a father in Inkblot Productions’ ‘Saving Onome,’ starring alongside Nancy Isime as parents.

'The Johnsons' Cast © Multichoice Studios
‘The Johnsons’ Cast © Multichoice Studios

Oworu was first introduced to audiences as Tari Johnson in the beloved Africa Magic sitcom ‘The Johnsons.’ He grew up before our eyes over the course of ten years on the Africa Magic family sitcom.

While Oworu’s portrayal of Tari Johnson on the show evolved, he also tackled various teenage and young adult roles in films like ‘A Soldier’s Story,’ ‘Day of Destiny,’ the Netflix young-adult hit series ‘Far From Home,’ and most recently, ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ where he portrayed Ejiro Judah, the youngest son to the protagonist Jedidah Judah.

Oworu’s latest role as a father, coming less than four months after he captivated moviegoers as young Ejiro, is an exciting surprise, and audiences anticipate how this new phase of his career will unfold.

Commenting on his transition from portraying a teenager in ‘The Johnsons’ to now playing a father, the actor described the feeling as “crazy.” He said, “I can’t lie, there was a little bit of pressure because having kids is not easy; it’s a huge responsibility. But it was also very enjoyable, as I hope to one day become a dad myself.” “It was very interesting to get into the mindset of a father who is willing to do whatever it takes for his child. It was both very challenging and enjoyable,” he concluded.

However, he is embracing it as a fulfilling and proud moment in his career, believing it marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with diverse roles and opportunities to showcase his versatility as an actor.

Saving Onome Stills Gistlover 08
Olumide Oworu with Nancy Isime in ‘Saving Onome’ © Inkblot Productions

Coincidentally, Oworu (Jite) will be starring alongside Nancy Isime (Tola) for the first time in Dimeji Ajibola’s ‘Saving Onome,’ as a troubled couple fighting against the odds to save their dying daughter.

In his return to an Inkblot Productions set since ‘Far From Home,’ Oworu found his on-set chemistry with Isime enriching, making their characters’ connections seamless. He described Isime as easy to work with and looks forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

Oworu also shared how he prepared for his dual role as a troubled husband and a father in distress with Nollywire, saying he drew inspiration from his own experiences, particularly his relationship with his father. By empathising with his father’s emotions and imagining himself in similar circumstances, Oworu was able to bring depth and authenticity to his character.

‘Saving Onome’ is directed by Dimeji Ajibola, whom Oworu praises as “super cool” and appreciates for his approach of allowing actors the freedom to express themselves while offering guidance. This collaborative atmosphere facilitated trust between the actors and director, fostering their best performances.

As Oworu transitions from portraying a young adult to a father figure, audiences may struggle to let go of the teenage heartthrob persona and embrace this new phase of his career. But with his talent and dedication, Oworu is inviting moviegoers to witness his transformative performance as ‘Saving Onome’ hits cinemas on April 5, 2024.

Watch Olumide Oworu and Nancy Isime in ‘Saving Onome’ Trailer

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