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Bukky Wright Returns to Nollywood: ‘Red Circle’ Cast Revealed

Bukky Wright Returns to Nollywood: 'Red Circle' Cast Revealed - Nollywire

In a seismic announcement that has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian film industry, legendary actress Bukky Wright has officially joined the cast of Rixel Studio’s upcoming blockbuster, ‘Red Circle.’ This marks her triumphant return to our screens after a well-deserved hiatus, and fans couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Bukky Wright in 'Red Circle' © Rixel Studios - Nollywire
Bukky Wright in ‘Red Circle’ © Rixel Studios

Rixel Studios, helmed by Nora Awolowo, has pulled off a casting coup of epic proportions by securing the talents of this esteemed veteran. Directed by AMVCA nominee Akay Mason, the film promises to be an electrifying action thriller for audiences to look forward to.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The ensemble cast for ‘Red Circle’ reads like a who’s who of Nollywood’s finest. Alongside Wright, audiences can expect powerhouse performances from the likes of Femi Branch, Folu Storms, Tobi Bakre, and Lateef Adedimeji, among others.

Mike Afolarin and Timini Egbuson, fresh off their appearances in Kayode Kasum’s ‘Ajosepo,’ are also set to star in the thriller. This stellar lineup ensures that ‘Red Circle’ will be a tour de force in Nigerian cinema, blending the charisma of seasoned veterans with the fresh energy of rising stars.

'Red Circle' Full Cast Revealed © Rixel Studios
Full Cast Revealed

Penned by the talented Abdul Tijani-Ahmed, whose track record boasts the 2022 highest-grossing Nollywood film ‘Brotherhood’ and multiple award nominations, the film holds a lot of promise with Nora Awolowo’s keen eye for production and Tijani-Ahmed’s gripping storytelling.

The anticipation surrounding Wright’s return is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting her triumphant comeback to the screen. Her illustrious career spanning decades has solidified her status as a true icon of Nigerian cinema, and her presence in ‘Red Circle’ is sure to reignite the flames of nostalgia for viewers.

As the countdown to ‘Red Circle’ begins, the buzz continues to build, fuelled by the promise of riveting action, gripping drama, and, above all, the long-awaited return of Bukky Wright.

Watch Bukky Wright in ‘Red Circle’ Teaser


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