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BUZZ: Aubrey O’Day says it ‘hurts’ when people compare Pauly D, Donald Trump Jr.: ‘They’re not even in the same league’

BUZZ: Aubrey O’Day says it ‘hurts’ when people compare Pauly D, Donald Trump Jr.: ‘They’re not even in the same league’

Aubrey O’Day said exes Pauly D and Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t be more different — despite what some people might think.

During an appearance on the “Sofia With an F” podcast Thursday, the 39-year-old revealed it “hurts” her when people lump the two men together because she thinks much more highly of the former president’s son than the “Jersey Shore” star.

“The fact that I do interviews and they say, ‘Oh we should’ve known you were with Don because you were with Pauly’ and they say these names in the same sentence and I’m like, ‘whoa!’”

She continued, “That to me hurts the most because a guy that had a tanning bed in his home in Rhode Island that was chosen to be part of a show that was made to laugh at them is so beyond different than Donald Trump Jr. They are not even in the same league.”

Aubrey O'Day (L) and DJ Pauly D
The former TMV star said Pauly D is “beyond different” from ex Donald Trump Jr.

The former Danity Kane frontwoman said that the relationships being all looked at as “one big equation of f—kery” is “horrific” to her.

O’Day then referenced her recent appearance on Michael Cohen’s “Mea Culpa” podcast in which she revealed that she and Don Jr. had sex “in a gay club bathroom” — which she thinks gained traction because the politician hasn’t been very “respectful to the gay community” in years since.

She claimed that the reason she made the confession was to “clarify that the man [she] loved was not a mockery” or a “joke” like he is depicted today.

Donald Trump Jr.
She said the Don Jr. she dated was “well pedigreed” and “wise” — unlike the DJ.
Timothy Fadek

“He was an intellect. He was well-pedigreed,” she explained. “He was incredibly insightful and wise.”

While the former MTV star has always had high praise for Don Jr. — whom she allegedly had an affair with in 2011 — the same can’t be said for Pauly D.

While discussing her song “Couple Goals” with Page Six last year, the songstress not-so-subtly shaded the DJ when asked whether or not the song was about their tumultuous relationship.

Aubrey O'Day SiriusXM
Last month, the songstress made headlines after admitting that she and Don Jr. had sex “in a gay club bathroom.”
Getty Images
donald trump jr
However, she claimed that she only told the story so people would have a better understanding of the version of Don Jr. that she fell in love with.

“I don’t like the words ‘inspire’ and ‘Pauly D’ in the same sentence,” O’Day, who dated Pauly on and off from 2016 to 2018, told us.

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“The pain was brought on by the man, and the inspiration was me,” she continued, adding that she didn’t finish the song for nearly a year because she was “still too emotionally attached to everything that occurred” between them.

Pauly D deejaying.
Meanwhile, O’Day has seemingly had nothing but negative things to say about her relationship with the DJ.
Sam Marshall for Tao Group Hospitality

In fact, during that same conversation, she admitted that she doesn’t think she will ever find a love as strong as the one she shared with Don Jr.

“I think, to find what him and I had, is probably going to be very, very difficult. And I’m not banking on it,” she lamented.

“I completely gave up on [love] after that, which is how I was able to be with Pauly. I mean, he doesn’t own a book, he doesn’t read. It’s not somebody that would have been for me.”


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