Martin Short and Steve Martin Give Double Duty a New Meaning in ‘SNL’ Promo

martin short steve martin snl promo

Double duty takes on a new meaning for this week’s Saturday Night Live as Martin Short and Steve Martin prepare to share the Dec. 10 hosting slot. The acting duo is used to sharing the spotlight alongside Selena Gomez on Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building, but their return to their old 30 Rockefeller Plaza stomping grounds has brought out the diva in them – or, at least, in Martin.

In the first promo clip for their co-hosting gig, Short groans in discomfort from within a suitcase Martin has him stuffed inside for some unknown reason. Running the luggage carrier into chairs, stairs, and everything else in his path, the 15-time SNL host gets some quiet revenge on the veteran actor, who played a pivotal role as a cast member on 18 episodes of the show in the eighties.

Short doesn’t put up too much of a fuss when Martin finally opens the case up, asking for water — only to essentially be waterboarded in response. When SNL newcomer Michael Longfellow shows up to gush about his admiration for the actors, it’s back to the darkness of the suitcase for Short. Martin steals the spotlight once again, kicking the case closed before sending the young comedian off to fulfill an elaborate green tea order.

While he’s gone, Martin pulls Short out of the suitcase for some ventriloquist-style puppeteering. “Hi, I’m Martin Short, and Steve and I are so excited to be hosting Saturday Night Live with the great Brandi Carlile,” the actor manages to get out before Longfellow pops up with the tea, and Martin tosses him aside once again.

It’ll be an interesting Saturday night for the co-stars turned co-hosts.


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