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The StrangeAffair Rumors That Swirled Between Eric Decker And Madison LeCroy

The StrangeAffair Rumors That Swirled Between Eric Decker And Madison LeCroy

In fact, he took it upon himself to write a letter to the editor of the Madison Standard-Journal, calling the accusations “vague and without evidence” and asserting that “the husband is the one who should be judged by the actions he takes and the words he speaks.”

It’s not clear what happened after that. For the meantime, LeCroy has been married to his wife for over 10 years. She tells us that they were just discussing the possibility of him turning down a job in order to stay on the team. We believe her.

the strangeaffair rumors that swirled between eric decker and madison lecroy

If the January 2021 news cycle wasn’t enough of a rollercoaster for Madison LeCroy, February proved to be much the same. 

The month kicked off with an anonymous tip-off to Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi, alleging that LeCroy had been having an affair with Eric Decker — though the sender declined to name him. Instead, they made allusions to the ex-footballer through the pseudonym, “Triple Decker.” That probably would have been enough of a hint to make the connection to Eric. However, the sender made sure there could be no second guessing by adding a comment on his wife, Jessie James Decker. Again, no names were named. But, it was mentioned that the wife in question “claims to be fond of South Beach.” For reference, Jessie became a brand ambassador for the South Beach Diet in 2017. Other than the suggestion that they were having an affair, though, no further details were offered. 

It’s worth noting that Eric is no stranger to allegations of infidelity in his marriage to Jessie. Far from it, in 2018, he found himself at the center of controversy when a Twitter user accused him of hooking up with other women. Eric categorically denied the claims then. However, when it came to the LeCroy situation, he kept mum. That’s not to say LeCroy didn’t clap back, though.


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