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Travis Barker’s Kids Live Insanely Lavish Lives

Travis Barker's Kids Live Insanely Lavish Lives

Landon Barker is a really great guy and Charli is really supportive. Even though they’re dating, they always get along well together.Charli’s family is really good for Landon too. They always get along well together.

travis barkers kids live insanely lavish lives

After Charli D’Amelio and Lil Huddy’s breakup, rumors started circulating that the TikTok star was dating Landon Barker. In June 2022, someone close to both Charli and Landon told People, “They’re seeing each other, and it’s early stages.” Another source told Us Weekly, “It’s very low-key. They’re having fun hanging out and getting to know each other.”

Even though the relationship may have started as low-key, it definitely grew from there and the two began appearing together at different events. They spent the 2022 holidays together, attended the Grammys in February 2023, and were present at Milan Fashion Week. As a couple, they share videos on TikTok where fans can appreciate their dynamic. In one TikTok, they even shared that they had matching nails. They were also on the cover of Mini V Magazine together. For their issue, they answered the Proust Questionnaire, giving a glimpse into what their relationship is like.

Family is clearly a big thing for both of them, and luckily, they all get along. D’Amelio told E! News, “His family is incredible and they’re so supportive of what I do. You know, I’m very close with my family as well, so it means a lot that we all spend a lot of time together. We always have so much fun.”


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