Eddie Murphy Spoke Out About Having 10 Kids At Christmas, So (Of Course) Someone Asked Him If He Has Advice For Nick Cannon

It’s December 1st and the holiday season is just getting started with the most Christmas-y movie starring Eddie Murphy called Candy Cane Lane. As the Christmas film star has ten children of his own, I can only imagine how populous his holiday will be this year. After talking about sharing the Christmas holiday with his ten children, this, of course, led to Murphy being asked about any advice he has for Nick Cannon, who has more than two handfuls of his own children.

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole family together to share in the joy and love the holiday provides. Eddie Murphy shares two children with his fiancée, Paige Butcher, but he also has eight other children from four previous relationships. With all of those kids to celebrate Christmas alongside, the Coming to America actor revealed to ET what the Murphy house is like when it comes to his own Christmas traditions.

I go all-out on Christmas. I got 10 kids, and all the family comes around, and it’s just a house full of people. That’s my favorite dish.

Aw, that’s really sweet of the family man to say! If all of the kids get together during Christmas, I can only imagine how time-consuming the cooking can be. According to People, Eddie Murphy is a father to six daughters and four sons. The Doctor Dolittle actor’s first child was born in 1989 with his then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely who they named Eric. He’s actually dating the daughter of his father’s Life co-star Martin Lawrence, where the two have had a funny debate on who would pay for their wedding if their two kids got married. Murphy’s tenth and youngest child, Max, was born in 2018, and whom he shares with Butler. It was a wish that came true for the loving couple in wanting the daughter they share, Izzy, to have a younger sibling of her own.

Because Eddie Murphy is a father of many children, it’s easy to guess which other celebrity he’s compared with who has a lot of kids of his own. Naturally, the Shrek actor was asked if he had any advice to give Nick Cannon who’s a 12-time father.

Lord have mercy, yeah, no, he don’t need no advice.

12 kids later, I’d like to hope not. Nick Cannon has been a proud father ever since 2011 when his then-wife Mariah Carey gave birth to twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe. He welcomed Halo, baby number 12, a year ago. Eddie Murphy definitely has a point that the former AGT host doesn’t need advice on raising kids, as it seems like he’s got his own system down flat. Right before Halo was born, Cannon addressed how involved he is in his kids’ lives “more than the average adult can be.” He takes them to and from school and participates in their extracurricular activities. 

Before his twelfth child was born, the television host took to social media to show the time he spent with each kid through bonding moments shown in videos and photos. As for if all of the kids spend time together, Cannon explains that he currently visits each child individually and that everyone will probably be in one place once they grow older. This makes me wonder if Cannon plans on sharing the joy with all of his children this Christmas. 

As Eddie Murphy and Nick Cannon are fathers to many children, it looks like there will be a lot of presents under the tree and more than ten times the love to go around. You can watch Murphy’s new Christmas movie Candy Cane Lane now with your Amazon Prime subscription


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