Move Over Steve From Stranger Things, Joe Keery’s MARMALADE Trailer Shows The Actor Taking On A Totally New Role, And Fans Are Already Obsessed

Joe Keery might be gearing up to reprise his role as beloved babysitter Steve Harrington in the final season of Stranger Thingswhen the Duffer Brothers’ show begins filming this month, but that hasn’t stopped him from expanding his filmography. Fans are currently captivated by Keery’s performance as Gator Tillman in Season 5 of Fargo. With the season winding down though, fans will be thrilled to know that they’ll be able to see that familiar face soon enough when MARMALADE hits theaters and VOD on February 9. 

Written and directed by Keir O’Donnell, the movie follows Baron (Keery), a recently imprisoned man who befriends his cellmate Otis (Aldis Hodge) as he recalls the story of how he met the love of his life, Marmalade (Camila Morrone), and wound up in jail. In the midst of the retelling, the pair devise a plan to escape in the hopes of reuniting Baron with Marmalade. If that piques your interest, the first trailer is definitely going to have you hooked. Take a look: 

From Keery’s long hair and Southern accent to Morrone’s eclectic ensembles and scary mask, MARMALADE is definitely a project on the 2024 movie schedule that fans won’t want to miss. In fact, the Stranger Things star’s supportive fanbase already seems obsessed with his new character who’s wildly different than Steve. @azzasfatalflaw reposted the trailer along with the caption: 


Several other fans shared the same level of excitement, reposting the trailer with keyboard smash reactions. I can’t say I blame them! Others took a calmer approach to share their reactions with a simple “Seated” tweet or taking on a more honest approach like @BigManOwen22 who posted: 

I was about to say I’ll be watching because of Joe Keery, but this genuinely looks good.

Everyone who’s been obsessed with an actor can relate to sitting through some questionable movies, but it seems like fans of the Stranger Things star are in agreeance that MARMALADE is going to be worth the watch for more than just Joe Keery. This is especially true since it seems he is keeping with tradition playing another down-on-his-luck type of character (however, other than that it seems like Baron and Steve have nothing in common). I think @iwillbeurfool said it best:

Why is he always an adorable loser

Keery isn’t the only one getting love for his performance in the movie’s trailer though. Moorone, who many will recognize from her role in the Daisy Jones & The Six cast, is also getting quite a reaction from fans. Many pointed out the love for her pink ensembles and creepy masks, and I can’t help but agree! Others chose to focus on her character, like @bella_hunter05 who posted: 

babe wake up a new manic pixie dream girl just dropped

It’s been a while since we’ve had a true manic pixie dream girl to watch some hopeless boy character lust over, so it’ll be interesting to see how the trope plays out with modern audiences. 

Aldis Hodge (most recently seen in Black Adam) has also been getting love from X users. When new look images were shared on @FilmUpdates, his own fans shared similar sentiments as Keery’s about the movie, while also posting new takes like @virtualpopul1 who shared a celebratory gif along with the caption: 

Aldis booked and busy

Clearly, the hype is real for MARMALADE and its cast, and fans are looking forward to Joe Keery taking on a new role that’s totally different from the Stranger Things character we know and love him for. Luckily, the wait to see the movie is almost over, as MARMALADE will hit theaters and simultaneously release on VOD on February 9.


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