Sydney Sweeney Claps Back At People Hating On Her Ford Campaign In The Best Way

After Sydney Sweeney found her claim to fame as part of HBO’s Euphoria cast, the actress has branched out (like many celebrities often do) as of late with a host of brand deals. While Sweeney working with Korean skin care company LANEIGE, makeup brand Armani Beauty and fashion name Miu Miu has not turned a single head, her latest collaboration with Ford Motor Company is bringing in the haters, but the actress is not having it. 

Sydney Sweeney unveiled a new workwear collection she has collaborated with Ford on Wednesday to an influx of negative comments saying things like “ain’t no oil on them hands” or “worst partnership yet.” Here’s the initial post: 

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The actress has collaborated with Ford to create a combination of clothing items inspired by her own beloved vintage Ford Mustang, which she named “Britney.” The workwear collection, which includes a cropped jacket, denim coveralls, a crop tee, keychain and corduroy hat, is now available on Ford’s online store. Following Sydney Sweeney receiving backlash for the brand deal, she took to her Instagram Stories to share the following response:  

Sydney Sweeney on Instagram November 29, 2023

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While many know Sweeney for her work as an actress in movies and TV shows, she’s also a vintage car expert who has experience restoring and fixing up vehicles herself. Sweeney even has a TikTok account called “Syd’s Garage” devoted to sharing her journey working on her “vintage dream car” that she started back in 2021. On Ford’s website, she is also quoted to be from a “family of mechanics.” Sweeney showcased her expertise in the Instagram comment, along with the below video she posted to her account two years prior. 


finished the rear suspension!

♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

The world of cars is undeniably a male-dominated field, but that doesn’t mean there are not a lot of women like Sydney Sweeney who are into cars and even work on them. While there was certainly a wave of sexist comments that followed Sweeney’s announcement, the actress also got a lot of support from people who were all in on the campaign too. One commenter shared that she “highly” appreciated the line as a “female who works in a maintenance field,” and many others shared their love for the collection as well. 

Aside from her collaboration with Ford, Sweeney is bringing her talents to one of 2023’s romantic comedies with the soon-to-arrive Anyone But You. The movie will pair her with Top Gun’s Glen Powell, which is so electric that their chemistry started dating rumors in a new enemies-to-lovers movie about two attendees of a destination wedding who pretend to be a couple to appease their separate motivations. You can check out the latest Anyone But You trailer ahead of the movie coming to theaters on December 22. 


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