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Cleric, Jeremiah Fufeyin Denies Making False Prophecy, Blames Social Media Handlers

Jeremiah Fufeyin

Televangelist and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, has refuted allegations of issuing a false prophecy.

Rather, the cleric said social media handlers and influencers are misinterpreting his prophecies concerning a young girl in a viral video.

Fufeyin made the assertion during a press briefing held at the Mercy City on Saturday.

He said, ”A misinterpretation of my prophecy concerning a young girl is ongoing right now. I heard it. I was in Kenya when I was going to South Sudan and the nicki swift came to me that I misinterpreted something. I said what’s going on?

“I never, never misinterpreted any colours because it’s not today I started it. It’s because the people don’t understand.”

He said in the viral video which is currently trending on social media platforms, they claimed he touched a blue worn by a young girl and began to make interpretations.

While noting that the she was not only the young girl he prophesied to, Fufeyin explained that he “threw his handkerchief for people to understand the things from number 1-12 persons”.

“All of them came outside and I began to touch their colours and talk about it and the person will confirm it that it is so.

“I have been teaching all of them that very day. More than 10 persons I have interpreted their colours and they confirm it.

“I don’t know why editors just go and begin to edit what’s not true. So, I thank God whatever thing that’s going on in the prophetic. Nobody can stop the prophetic.”

He noted that the prophecy he gave concerning a certain man five years ago was also misinterpreted by social media handlers/influencers.

“They just go and and cut and edit the way they like it and post it to the social media and people begin to say is this thing like this?”

Fufeyin queried, “Why don’t you start the beginning of the story? Start from the story and let people know what’s going on. I told them, show the whole story that’s what I prophesied in that family.

“Ut’s not good. It’s dangerous for them to blackmail people. It’s not good.

“Anybody that did this thing (post) that story about that young girl, let them start from the beginning of the story. It’s all about prophetic training because it is called prophetic academy, the training that is coming up.”

Fufeyin, who expressed surprise at the misinterpretation of his colours and prophecies, added, “I am the one who told the people to zoom. I am the one who published it. They’re twisting the story the way they like. It’s a good thing to those people who are doing thing.”

He also disclosed that his church will be organising a ‘Prophetic Academy’ where people will be taught the interpretation of colours and write ups.

According to the cleric, “the Prophetic Academy is all about interpretation of colours and also write up”.

He said the Prophetic Academy will commence on May 7th this year and those who are qualified to attend are born again Christians, businessmen and the general public.

Fufeyin, who backed up his explanations with Daniel 5:25 in the Holy Bible, said, “Daniel was called as a prophet to interprete the handwriting of God Almighty.

“After the interpretation, the thing turned to prophecy. He prophesied to the whole world and how God was angry with the Israelites. They looked for prophets to interprete for them. God used Daniel to make everything easy for them.”

He said the Prophetic Academy is not only for interpretation of colours but for people who also need to prophesy. “In the prophetic, there’s no more borrowing prophecies.”

He added that he began his prophetic ministry fifteen years ago, when God started started teaching him the prophetic and how to interprete colours and write up.

“As big As this church, everybody can interprete your colours. Once they interprete it, that’s what’s going on around you,”
he said.


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