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Melanie C’s Past Is On Display in New ‘Who I Am’ Video


Melanie C dissects her own past on the disco-tinged new song, “Who I Am.” This is her first single since 2019’s “High Heels.”

On “Who I Am,” Mel C pays testament to vulnerability and shedding armor that made it difficult to let the real version of herself shine. In the video, the pop star is in a museum where she is the main muse. Past iterations of herself, including notable looks from her time with Spice Girls and her debut album Northern Star, are featured as paintings or statues. She even features a future version of herself, with spiky gray hair.

In a statement, Melanie C calls the song “personal and reflective.” She adds: “It’s about how I’ve changed and developed through my life. The more courage I’ve found, the more I have been able to express myself and grow into the woman I now am.”

Melanie C first made her mark as Sporty Spice in the internationally acclaimed pop group Spice Girls. The band officially disbanded in 2000 but they have reunited twice since, including a 2019 reunion tour (sans Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham). Mel C launched her solo career while the pop group was still in their heyday, releasing the first of her seven solo albums (Northern Star) in 1999.

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