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Nollywood Actor Emmanuel Ikubese, speaks on his role in Mo’Abudu’s movie FIFTY and He revealed more about his nude role

Ikubuezze 714083
Ikubuezze 714083
Former Mr. Nigeria cum Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Ikubese who recently publicly declared his love for popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has come out to speak on his nude role in the Mo’Abudu’s movie, FIFTY.
In an interview with Encomium Magazine, Emmanuel opened up on his role in the movie, FIFTY he disclosed that he is proud of being part of the project adding that, it was not nothing sexual but bringing life to his character.
He said: “FIFTY was an amazing project. I am proud to be part of it. I see acting as an act, you need to go all in to prove whatever you want to prove. That is why Hollywood is where it is today. They go all in to do what they need to do. It has nothing to do with our cultural values. It has nothing to do with Emmanuel. It wasn’t anything sexual, it was just about bringing life to that character. I wanted people to know Sammy was a bad boy, a junkie. He likes older women and he is just crazy. That was what I tried to portray, so far so good. I have been getting a lot of positive responses. That is what acting is all about.”
Speaking on nudity and taking up subsequent roles in that direction he disclosed that, he did not act nude but was only playing out his character. Emmanuel Ikubese said: I didn’t act nude. I was portraying a character. I was having sex with someone and I was caught in the act. When you are having sex with your partner and you were caught in the act, how would you look? I am careful not to be stereotyped to a particular character. I have done that to prove my strength. I don’t want a situation whereby they will say you are looking for someone who can act nude, go and call Emmanuel. That is not my role. My role is doing my job and doing it well. It could have been the role of a Rev. Father, I will kill it like it should be. It could have been any other character. The way I brought life to Sammy, that is the way I will bring life to any other character. If you have a nude scene and think Emmanuel will be available for it, I will definitely turn it down. That is not what I am all about.”
On dating older women (gigolo), in the earlier mentioned movie Emmanuel disclosed that: “That is the problem. In Hollywood, if you need a black person for a role, you cannot cast a white person for that role. It is not about being a gigolo. Permit me to use this word, I am good looking, so I pass on for that person. If you are looking at someone who can act a gigolo, you need someone handsome with six packs, not just anybody will fit into that role but that’s not what I am.”
Watch Emmanuel Ikubese’s sex role below:


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