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Real Warri Pikin Gifts Mom New Car, 18k Gold For Birthday

Real Warri Pikin

The famous Nigerian comedian, Real Warri Pikin has delightedly shared the touching moment when she gave her mother a surprise birthday gift—a brand-new Honda CR-V AWD car and an exquisite collection of 18-karat gold jewelry adorned with sparkling diamonds.

The media personality went all out to make her mother’s new year a most memorable one.

She shared the moment she got the wine-colored car decorated with gift ribbons and lots of balloons.

She then went to a jewelry shop where she got her a set of jewelry which was tastefully adorned with diamond stones.

Warri Pikin and her kids visited their mother where they had lots of fun, cut cakes and gifted her various packages. They then covered her eyes and gently led her out of the room where they showed her the car gift.

Warri Pikin’s mom was very excited, and she jumped for joy and ran to examine her new car.

Watch the video below:


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