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Saidi Balogun Promotes Emotional Freedom for Celebrities

Naija Stop The Emotional Blackmail – Saidi Balogun Tells Nigerians

Saidi Balogun

Saidi Balogun, a seasoned actor, recently addressed the criticism faced by Toyin Abraham, his fellow actor, regarding her response to online harassment on an X platform. Reports indicated that a user accused Toyin of involving the police in an incident concerning his mother, which Toyin refuted, explaining that she reported cyberbullying to the authorities.

Following the incident, many individuals took to social media to condemn Toyin’s actions. In a reaction on his Instagram, Saidi Balogun suggested that Toyin is facing emotional manipulation due to her celebrity status. He highlighted that people routinely involve the police for minor issues with their neighbors, but when a celebrity takes similar steps, it is labeled as bullying by some social media users.

Saidi Balogun emphasized that celebrities are also human beings and should have the freedom to safeguard their mental well-being. He stressed the importance of allowing celebrities the same freedom of expression that others enjoy, stating, “Stop the emotional blackmail. Celebrities are human, just like you. You are free to say what you like, right? Let celebrities be free to take whatever actions to protect their mental space. Freedom should not be selective. God bless”.



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