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Stop Sharing Videos of Dead Colleagues Like Junior Pope – Actor Oloketuyi Warns Colleagues

Oloketuyi’s admonishment follows the death of Junior Pope, a Nollywood actor, and several crew members on April 10.
stop sharing videos of dead colleagues like junior pope actor oloketuyi warns colleagues

Seun Oloketuyi, the founder of the Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards has issued a warning to his colleagues.

He warned them against sharing videos of their dead colleagues on social media.

He gave the advice following the sad passing of Junior Pope, a Nollywood actor, and several crew members on April 10.

He wrote: 

“It is sad and still very hard to refer to Jnr Pope and others who lost their life in the ill-fated boat ride as deceased. Jnr Pope was full of life and hardworking, as I’m sure were those who died with him,” the statement reads.


“I think AGN and AMP need to be proactive and ask serious, salient questions going forward.


“Do Nollywood productions, especially those with high-level risks like shooting late at night, have standard safety procedures?


“Can we organise crash programmes of safety procedures when incidents like these take place so that people know what to do? Can the guilds have safety experts in its executives to advise accordingly?


“Finally, it is time our actors learn to use social media. Accidents happen everywhere but you won’t see a lawyer do a live video of such events or post pictures of their colleagues’ corpses.


“It is becoming crazy. In fact, it looked like some were more engrossed in making live videos than helping. RIP to the dead practitioners.”



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