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The absolute worst thing Tara Knowles ever did on Sons of Anarchy

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Throughout the run of Sons of Anarchy, Tara found herself in increasingly precarious and complicated situations. She often yearned to find a better life for herself away from Charming, California and the criminal activity that consumed the Central Valley town; however, beginning in season 1, she found herself rekindling her romance with her high school sweetheart, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the son of one of SAMCRO’s co-founders.

As Tara and Jax’s romantic relationship developed, it became harder and harder for Tara to extricate herself from the life of crime she’d become entangled in. By the show’s sixth season, Tara had been through the wringer; it was then that her desire to leave Charming and prevent her sons from following in their father’s footsteps became her main objective.

There was a giant hurdle in any attempt to save her family from SAMCRO, though, in Jax’s relationship with his mother, the ferocious Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Segal), which bordered on Greek tragedy levels of messed up. In order to drive a wedge between the two, Tara faked a pregnancy, and then — after an altercation in which Gemma kicked her in the stomach — used a pre-bloodied rag to subsequently fake a miscarriage.

When her scheme was exposed, she was left with few options and even fewer allies. Seeing no other way to protect her sons from SAMCRO, she played the last card left in her hand: turning to the authorities to rat out the criminal activities of the club.

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