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The biggest question Futurama left unanswered

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See, because Fry is his own grandfather (as revealed in the Emmy-winning episode “Roswell That Ends Well”), the former pizza delivery boy is immune to attacks by the evil Brainspawn, making him the only person who can stop their plans for galactic genocide. In “The Why of Fry,” the Nibblonians give Fry a Quantum Interphase Bomb and send him off to fight the Brainspawn, helping him save the galaxy.

Unfortunately, there’s a complication and Fry ends up back in 1999, before he was frozen and sent to the future. After some time-travel shenanigans, Fry tries to stop Nibbler from sending his original body to the year 3000, but Nibbler protests, arguing that there must be something in the future that Fry thinks is worth saving.

That’s where the crucial piece of dialogue comes in. When Fry admits that he has feelings for Leela, Nibbler responds, “Ah, she must be the Other.” Fry doesn’t know what that means. We don’t either.

We never will. Fox canceled Futurama after its fourth season, and while it came back from the dead two times — once as a series of direct-to-video movies, and again for a three-season run on Comedy Central — its writers never bothered to explain what Nibbler was talking about.

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