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The ending of Little Fires Everywhere explained

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In the Richardson household, everything is on the verge of going up in a fiery blaze. Elena’s husband, lawyer Bill Richardson (Joshua Jackson), is still furious at her for not only turning to an ex to investigate Mia’s background, but also forcing the rest of the family to get involved in the drama around the identity of Pearl’s father. The two get into a heated spat, with both parents ultimately turning their emotions on their youngest, Izzy (Megan Stott), the “black sheep of the family.” 

True to Elena’s character, her “conversation” is venomous, and she she screams at Izzy over shoes she forced the teen to wear for a family holiday photo. The picture is one Elena cut her daughter out of, and Izzy shows she knows this with a biting retort: “That’s what we do in this house, right? Throw away the things we don’t like.”

Temporarily defeated, Elena turns her sights back on Mia for helping Bebe Chow (Huang Lu), an undocumented Chinese immigrant who left her baby at a fire station after being unable to feed her. To help her friend Linda (Rosemarie DeWitt), a white woman who adopted Bebe’s child, in a custody trial, Elena visits another a doctor friend at  Planned Parenthood in hopes of digging up dirt on Bebe. But the doctor won’t share any patient’s private information, so Elena tries to steal it. In the process, she comes across a file for Mia’s daughter, Pearl. 

Elena believes she now has more ammo to use against Mia, but the file ultimately explodes the household. Its existence reveals that the Richardsons’ eldest, Trip (Jordan Elsass), is dating Pearl; this comes as a shock, as Moody Richardson (Gavin Lewis) had been pining after Mia’s daughter from episode 1. 

In the meantime, Izzy makes the realization that the file isn’t actually Pearl’s, but her older sibling Lexie’s (Jade Pettyjohn). 

intro 1587926300Written by: Looper


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