The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Who Died?

the walking dead season 6 episode 14 732444

the walking dead season 6 episode 14 732444Yes, they really did kill off SPOILER on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14.

We just want to give you a moment to emotionally prepare yourself for

the answer before we delve into our recap of events…

At the outset of this installment, viewers learned that Morgan had

completed the building of his jail cell, while Rosita was sleeping

with Spencer and Daryl was haunted by his NON-killing of Dwight, the

Savior dude who stole his bike and crossbow.

Conversely, Paula was freaked out that she did kill Paula.

Overall, though, things seemed pretty calm and chill.

Denise then insisted on going on an apothecary run after she told

Daryl and Rosita that one existed.

On the way there, she opened up to the duo about Dennis, her twin

brother who taught her how to drive a stick.

When a fallen tree forced the group to hike the rest of the way, Daryl

left his companions instead of joining them on the shorter route,

following the tracks.

The threesome came together again in time to raid the pharmacy, only

to hear a walker trapped somewhere in the store.

Denise, anxious to prove herself, went to investigate… and nearly

vomited when she came across both a ripe walker and what appeared to

be a drowned child.

Following this incident, Daryl attempted to cheer Denise up by giving

her credit for leading them to the store's collection of drugs and

asking about her twin, who was apparently as angry as he was brave…

just like Merle.

He even joined the women on the tracks for the trek back to the truck.


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