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‘The Witcher’ Author Took A Shot At ‘Game Of Thrones’ Over Ed Sheeran’s Distracting Cameo

the witcher author took a shot at game of thrones over ed sheerans distracting cameo

There’s one strong Game of Thrones connection in The Witcher, but that’s where the comparisons between the shows should begin and end. Because, as everyone involved with the Netflix fantasy series has made abundantly clear, they’re very different. Or as star Henry Cavill put it, “Game of Thrones was absolutely fantastic [but] I think The Witcher is going to be something entirely unique and different.” Here’s another thing they don’t have in common: don’t expect to see any red-haired pop stars on The Witcher.

Back in 2018, at Warsaw Comic-Con, The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski took a shot at the time Ed Sheeran guest-starred on Thrones. “I believe that my job as a creative consultant for this series is to make sure that at no point in the show [will] Ed Sheeran sing,” he said. “And that I will make sure doesn’t happen. I will make sure.” Sapkowski only specifies Sheeran, so there’s still hope for you, Lewis Capaldi.

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The “Shape of You” singer appeared in a season seven episode as a Lannister soldier, as a surprise for fan Maisie Williams. The cameo did not go over well with viewers, but “He was lovely to work with. He was lovely on the show. I think he fit right into that world. He’s so down to earth and really, really lovely,” director Jeremy Podeswa said. Sheeran later demanded that his character be “brutally murdered,” and his wish came true.

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