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Watch Grouplove Get Rowdy in New ‘Deleter’ Music Video

watch grouplove get rowdy in new deleter music video

Grouplove have dropped a new single, “Deleter,” as well as an accompanying music directed by Chris Blauvelt. The track is the first song to be released off the band’s upcoming fourth album, a follow-up to their 2016 effort Big Mess.

In the upbeat, lo-fi video, the band members, dressed in orange jumpsuits, perform the new track in an artsy warehouse and take to the streets of Los Angeles. Blauvelt was the cinematographer on Jonah Hill’s directorial debut, Mid90s, and fans can catch a glimpse of Hill setting up gear for the band in the clip.

Recorded with producer Dave Sitek and written by the band with Sitek, “Deleter” is a return to form for the L.A. band. The lyrics reflect on current anxieties: “All this time I thought you were a leader/It turns out you’re only a deleter/Tell your friends that you’re OK/You’re never gonna see them anyway.”

After the release of Big Mess, Hooper told Rolling Stone that she was beginning to embrace her role as pop band frontwoman. “I’m in a genre and people look up to me and I’m like … ‘How the fuck did this happen?’” she said. “This is amazing. I don’t know if people out there know that I’m weird because we get generalized as this happy, Southern California pop band. But we really aren’t that way. So it’s exciting to get those kinds of kids who wouldn’t necessarily get to know a woman like me. And it’s like, ‘Guess what!’ Now that you’re at the show, get to know me. I’m an aggressive, powerful woman. I am a voice that I want to be out there.”

Featured via: Rollingstone


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