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England Fans’ Love for Sweet Caroline Explained

England fans

Supporting the Three Lions at major tournaments, England fans are known for their vocal presence and unwavering optimism, hoping to see their team triumph.

Despite the long wait for another major trophy since 1966, fans remain upbeat and add to the atmosphere with their songs, including the popular choice of Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’.

The Story Behind England Fans’ Sweet Caroline Tradition

There are various reasons suggested for why England fans have embraced ‘Sweet Caroline’ as a significant part of their matchday experience.

The trend started during Euro 2020 when Wembley DJ Tony Parry played the song following England’s victory over Germany, which was warmly received by fans.

Since then, it has become a regular feature in the playlist at Wembley Stadium and away games, especially celebrated after a win like when England’s women’s team claimed the Euro 2022 title.

England Fan Anthems: “It’s Coming Home” and Other Classics

‘Sweet Caroline’ is just one addition to a long list of chants sung by England supporters, with one of the most iconic being ‘Three Lions/It’s Coming Home’ created for Euro ’96 and still popular today.

This anthem, sung by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner, and The Lightning Seeds, captures the essence of English football fandom and is heard reverberating in stadiums during matches.

Despite not always bringing the trophy home, the passion behind the chant remains unwavering, epitomized by familiar chants of “It’s coming home” echoing in the stands during games.


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