Iyabo Ojo raises alarm as Mohbad’s mother contacts her over alleged stalking by late Mohbad’s father

Iyabo Ojo, an actress, relates a panic call she got from Mohbad’s mother, who pleaded for aid regarding Mohbad’s father, who is supposedly watching her.

iyabo mohbads parents

The actress turned to Instagram to share that she received the SOS in the early hours of morning.

Mrs. Olumiyi, Mohbad’s mother, was seen in a video uploaded by Iyabo Ojo appealing on important individuals to aid her with her ex-husband, Mr Joseph Aloba, who is supposedly haunting her.

Iyabo Ojo voiced worry for Mohbad’s mother’s safety and urged the authorities to intervene and resolve the situation.

She wrote…

“i received a distress call from Mama Mohbad in the earlier hours of today concerning her safety, and this brought a lot of sadness to my heart, even though i have tried to step aside from #justiceformohbad ….. i can’t ignore this cry for help, i feel it is high time the right authorities waged in on this matter before things begin to get messy, , if it’s not already getting out of hands….. I believe we have laws in this country, and i believe every Nigerian is allowed to feel safe in the confines of their own homes. To our able Governor Babajide Sanwolu sir, Nigeria police force, @adejobimuyiwa, and all the concerned citizens…. please this has to stop, this woman lost her dear son and i feel it is only fair we allow her mourn her son in peace and not in pieces, Mohbad has still not been buried, that alone is traumatizing enough, and now stalking, harassment, bullying and dehumanizing Mohbad’s mother should not be allowed. This has got to stop.”

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