Ossai Ovie Success calls out Paul Okoye For wearing a cap while an elderly man prayed at his traditional wedding

Ossai Ovie Success, an assistant to the governor of Delta state, criticized Paul Okoye for wearing a cap while an older man prayed for him during his introduction with Ivy Ifeoma in Abia State.

ossai paul

Yesterday, Paul posted pictures of his introduction to his fiancee Ifeoma’s family. In one of the photos, Paul was wearing a red cap while receiving a prayer.

Ossai expressed his disapproval on his Facebook page, stating that this shows disrespect towards the older man who was praying for him.

He mentioned that many men nowadays lack respect for their elders due to their wealth.

Ossai wrote;

‘’This is a total disrespect for the elder praying .

An elder is praying for Rudeboy of P Square during his traditional marriage days back and he is putting on cap.

Out of respect for the elder and his prayer , he ought to have pull off his cap while receiving prayer .

The man is not just an elder but an inlaw to him.

Young guys of nowadays lack respect because of money in their possession.

This is disrespect to the elder , his prayer and also to culture.”


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