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Happily Got Married To My Love.

Happily Got Married To My Love.

Submitted by: Shradha


I am a strong believer in the LOA.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Universe, to God, and to Rhonda.

I had been in a relationship for a long time and I want to marry him. However, as we both are from different religions, our parents did not agree to our marriage. I was very disappointed but I knew The Secret very well so I started applying The Secret in my life. These are the things I did to get my desire.

I started visualizing our marriage in the presence of our parents and I made myself strongly believe this. However, sometimes when I was visualizing I would be getting negative thoughts so I would just stop and then I would change my thoughts.

I had read so many stories from this site that mentioned to not give up, to have faith, have strong belief, and I did the same.

Finally, I got happily married to my love in the presence of our parents and with their blessing. Now I am now happily enjoying my married life!

I want to give my heartful thanks to those who shared their stories on this site and inspired others. Thank you to all, and please do not give up!


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