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BUZZ: Charges Dropped for Alec Baldwin, Resumes Filming ‘Rust’

BUZZ: Charges Dropped for Alec Baldwin, Resumes Filming 'Rust'

Alec Baldwin has officially returned to the “Rust” film set in Montana, just one day after the involuntary manslaughter charges relating to the fatal death of Halyna Hutchins were dropped against him. The actor was pictured holding a gun backwards as filming resumed for the Western movie on Friday. Baldwin sported a brown coat, gray shirt, pants and cowboy boots as he held a rifle by its barrel. His costume also included a cowboy hat and a scarf around his neck.

Production for the movie initially halted after the actor’s prop pistol fired a real bullet, killing the 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza. The Santa Fe County District Attorney’s office announced last Thursday that it was dropping charges against Baldwin “without prejudice.” Baldwin’s lawyers Nikas and Alex Spiro released a statement expressing their pleasure with the decision and encouraging a proper investigation into the facts and circumstances of the tragic accident.

Baldwin vehemently denied ever pulling the gun’s trigger and pleaded not guilty in February. However, charges that were brought against Hannah Gutierrez-Reed — Baldwin’s co-defendant and the on-set armorer at the time of the shooting — have yet to be cleared. As a result, Baldwin’s involvement in Hutchins’ death could still be reinvestigated.


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