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A couple of years ago I lost my beautiful dog to cancer and everything felt like it spiraled downhill from then. My relationship with my family went through some rough times and it felt like I went through depression and was also feeling closed off. We were not very financially stable after having our second child either before our dog passed on.

I turned to healing crystals, but they did not seem to help too much. Then I stumbled across The Secret book that my best friend had gifted me a few years ago. I also bought The Greatest Secret book afterward. While reading the book, I remember a story about someone asking for a sign with dragonflies. So I asked that I would see a chocolate Labrador dog walk right in front of me as a sign that everything was going to work out and be ok. After I asked for it, I then totally forgot about the sign.

A few days later, I saw some dragonflies in my garden which reminded me of my sign! I was so surprised and truly felt that the Universe was watching over us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much to Rhonda and The Secret team. Also thank you so much to the Universe. Thank you for helping so many people around the world. X

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Qld, Australia

A mum of two beautiful kids, a wife of a caring husband, a daughter of loving parents, and a sister to two supportive siblings.

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