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I have always, for some reason, been with guys who never treated me well. My first relationship ended after the guy who had taken efforts to get me then cheated on me with his friend. The next one never committed to me even after 2 years and left to go abroad to further his education without even telling me.

I decided to give up on looking for a serious relationship and downloaded a dating app. I had decided that I would meet people there and get over my habit of getting attached to people and seeing only the good in them.

There I met a guy who was opposite to me in nature. He asked me to meet with him, and after the first meeting, I thought that we were poles apart. But he kept asking to meet again and we realized that we actually shared quite a lot of values and beliefs. I felt very comfortable with him. But after a few days, he reduced his communication with me and I did not understand why. I decided to ask him and he told me that he did not feel like he would be able to do me justice by getting into a relationship, given his work life. I said ok and decided to move on.

However, despite meeting other people I could not forget him or even get him out of my mind. I always felt like I could feel his energy and I wanted to be with him.

I watched The Secret movie again and decided to use the law of attraction. I started doing the things that I liked to do. I started feeling that we were together and that we would get married soon. I was super happy. A few weeks later he messaged me out of the blue, asking how I was doing and if we could meet!

Soon we started dating and he proposed to me, and we are getting married in November 2023! Thank you so very much, Universe. I am so extremely grateful to have him as my partner. Thank you so much!! LAP

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A girl from India, super grateful to have known the LOA!!

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