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I was lucky enough to discover The Magic 3 years ago and since then have read The Secret and The Greatest Secret. To say my life has been transformed since discovering The Magic would be an understatement.

In December 2019 I came out of a very toxic relationship. I was at an all time low in my life but through practicing The Magic every day, I experienced miracles in my life. My sister, who I am extremely close to, found out she was pregnant within days of my break up. This brought unimaginable excitement to my family. Then we were rocked by a global pandemic but I continued to practice gratitude; I moved back into the house that I had bought, which was a huge milestone for me, and slowly but surely I opened up to the idea of welcoming new love into my life.

Fast forward a year and I have had some disappointments in my life. I thought I had met my perfect partner who I had manifested, but he let me down and it did not work out. However, I know that we never lose in life. Everything is a gain and what is meant for us will never ever pass us by.
With this in mind, on Tuesday night I was searching for a sign. I said to the Universe, “Please Universe, if I am going to meet my perfect partner who is my husband and the father of my children, show me a blue butterfly.”

I got on with my night and settled down to watch the Brits music awards in the UK, not giving my plea another thought. Olivia Rodrigo was performing and a driver’s license and a butterfly appeared in her performance. At first, I thought, well it is not blue but it is close enough. Then all of a sudden, the butterfly changed to multiple blue butterflies! I could not believe it! Now I had the sign that I had asked for and had a reminder that the Universe always, always has my back. I have no idea who my perfect partner is and it’s none of my business. I know he is on his way and I believe in the power of the law of attraction so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe!

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North East England

I discovered The Magic in 2019 and since then have been on an amazing journey of highs and lows, knowing that the Universe always has my back!

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