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Firstly, I truly thank you very much, Rhonda Byrne. Thank you so much for The Secret. Thank you to The Secret team, and thank you to the Universe! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Before summer vacation I stayed together with my family without my mom, because my mom was busy with other family members that were in other countries. I knew about The Secret since 2019. Then I read The Magic book. Thank you to The Magic book because it changed my life with gratitude.

I was very thankful and feeling grateful. I really wanted to have an abundant summer vacation with my family and also with my kind uncle’s family. I asked for my desire and I visualized it and was grateful. I wrote this desire with a heart while doing The Magic Practices on my note on my iPhone. Then I let it go and forgot about it.

Days later, my lovely aunt from the other country surprisingly came to my home and stayed for a while. At the same time, my uncle’s family also came to my home and stayed for a while. We had such a great and enjoyable time. We had fun. Days later, my lovely aunt flew to her home and my uncle’s family went home. Then Mom came back.

After that, I just read through my note on my iPhone and I read the practice of Heart Magic. I realized that one of my desires had already manifested, unnoticed, until now! I am very grateful. Now I know deep in my heart that my other wishes and life dreams will come true at the right time.

I hope that my story inspired you. Just believe and visualize with depth and feel gratitude from the heart. Then let it go and forget it. Trust the Universe.

Infinite thanks to the Universe.

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I have full, unwavering trust in the Universe, no matter what. I feel so very happy and truly grateful that I’m one with the Universe!

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