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Ever since being introduced to The Secret, it has changed my life in more ways than I can imagine. Reading The Secret changed my life when I really wanted something and it seemed close to impossible.

A few years ago, I had asked the Universe for my soulmate/future husband. He entered my life and introduced me to a version of myself I didn’t know existed. To say he’s my perfect match made in heaven is an understatement. Through our recent ups and downs (we are currently in long distance), I’ve been intending and asking for us to live together forever and get married to each other. Although we, to an extent, are both navigating our ways, I know in my heart that he is the one for me and I am the one for him. The uncertainty, however, kept getting to me and I couldn’t focus on myself or my work.

To get myself back in a positive mindset, I was reading through The Secret’s stories today and came across one where a woman asked for a sign. I decided to do the same in the afternoon. I asked the Universe to show me a bright yellow car as confirmation that my person will take the next steps and make our relationship official to our families. Lo and behold, I turned to my left and there it was, parked right below my apartment! I had never seen such a unique and antique car before and that too in the exact color I was wanting to see.

Feeling grateful, I still went through a range of emotions throughout the day and then asked the Universe to show me a snowflake as confirmation that we are to get married to each other. Where the heck can I see a snowflake when it’s 80 degrees outside and it’s summertime? Throughout the day, I kept getting anxious and looking for a sign. Cut to nighttime. As I was scrolling through a random Instagram page, there it was! What was even crazier is that when I opened my weather app to see the temperature of the city I live in, I saw my partner’s city and a sign of snow with snowflakes!

All I have to say is that when you want something wholeheartedly with positivity and good intentions, the Universe will do wonders to bring it to you.

Ask, Believe, and Receive. In the process, know that the Universe is always supporting you and has your back. It truly is magic. I already can’t wait for the day I post another story of how everything perfectly, magically, and miraculously happened, and my soulmate and I got married to each other and are living our dream lives together. I am going to surrender, believe, and trust that the Universe and my God are taking care of everything. I am going to focus on my work and myself and make sure I am my best so that I can give my partner the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so very much to my Universe!!! Thank you so much to The Secret team for changing so many of our lives.

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