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As a child in a dysfunctional family, I grew up moving from place to place, not really knowing where I really belonged. I was kind of a loner, never really having one specific friend except myself. I got to know God through church programs and my grandparents. I believe that God has touched my life in many ways, and I have been blessed to have a beautiful life as I have now come to know now.

I met my husband 10 years ago after multiple bad relationships. He has been a blessing along with my grandchildren and two daughters. I have also been blessed with good health and a good career working in corrections, where I could retire with benefits at an earlier age.

I truly believe that if you believe in yourself and in God and take each day one by one, thanking him for the blessings that you have received, goodness will come. I read The Magic and devoted myself fully to each chapter. Devoting oneself to daily devotion is the key. Thank you!

Submitted by: Cynthia Dee

Venango, Pennsylvania

A mother of two girls and a grandmother now of four, 2 girls and 2 boys. I am a retired state correctional dental technician. I have been married going on 10 years. I love spending time outside in my gardens and with my grandchildren. I love camping, kayaking and walking with my husband and family.

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