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I am here today to express my complete and utter gratitude. I sit on my bed typing this, and peer lovingly over to my beautiful 9 month old son, who has come into our lives and changed everything for the better.

I’m not going to lie, I have been deeply affected for the better and the worse by the law of attraction. When I’m thinking bad or anxious thoughts, bad and anxious things have happened. His birth and the first four months of his life were a manifestation of those bad, anxious, and worried thoughts. But getting pregnant with him, having him in our lives, all of my wonderful jobs and career moves, the love and marriage to my husband, the places we’ve gotten to travel, the house we live in, the charmed circumstances of our lives, those have certainly come from the positive thoughts. We are even going to be going on my dream vacation in about two months!

So much of it has been about belief systems, and that is why I share with you what was a long seven months of my life. After having my baby, I truly loathed my postpartum body. I hated it, I hated the fat, the lumps, the bumps, the sagging, the rolls, the extra pounds and even the plump face and hands. I hated it. I didn’t see it as beautiful, or necessary, or just the amazing things my body could do and had gone through, or as the aftermath of a beautiful act of motherhood. I saw that all of my other friends having babies were just bouncing right back in ways that I wasn’t naturally bouncing back, and it really started to wear on me. It got in my subconscious even, and I began to say things like, “I am just not lucky when it comes to my body,” or “I have bad genetics.” or “I will always carry around this extra weight. It runs in my family.” or “I could diet all day long, and workout too, and it would never make my body right again.” I was so far down the rabbit hole I could not even stop myself.

Well, at seven months postpartum and still stuck with the same amount of weight I had at six weeks postpartum, I finally did something about it. Well, actually, I did not have to do anything on the outside. I had already killed myself with diets and exercises and fasts and prayers, and nothing had budged, not the scale, not even any inches on my body. But now, at seven months postpartum, I looked inside my mind and my heart and realized I had some seriously messed up thinking, and I needed to adjust it ASAP. So I did.

I reverted back to what I knew to be true of the law of attraction, that like attracts like, that where energy flows, manifestation shows. I remembered that I had to be positive, grateful, loving, and believing. I also had to really believe that I had it already, that it was already mine. I imagined what my body felt like at 114 pounds, and I just walked around feeling and saying and believing that I was 114 pounds. I did not have to diet, and I did not have to exercise. I ate whatever sounded delicious to me whenever I was hungry, and I said a prayer before every single meal or snack, saying, “Bless this food to support this body I have and the body I want.” And that is what happened.

Like a miracle, I lost basically 20 pounds in 5 weeks, and I didn’t have to do anything but ask, be grateful, loving, positive, and, of course, believe. It worked like a strike of lightning!

Now, at nine months postpartum, I am so happy to report that I am actually below my pre-pregnancy weight of 118 pounds and at my ideal weight of 114. It happened in just five weeks!!!! I am more fit and healthier than ever before, even before having the baby! I am at the beach right now with my husband and my son, and I feel great and look great! I am not trying to be conceited. I am just completely shocked by the change. I truly loved myself, and that was what changed. I looked into the mirror every day and said, “You’re beautiful and perfect right now, and I love you.” And I stopped weighing myself for about five weeks, and voila! In 5 weeks, I got to my ideal size, and I am so happy! Not because I would not be happy at any size, but because I realize what happiness with yourself really is; it is love! It is loving yourself, and that just attracts every good thing to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Nikki

Charlotte, NC

I am a writer, a wife, a new mother, and a huge believer in the power of the law of attraction.

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