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My name is irrelevant in this story. It is the content that makes all the difference. My intent is to help you leave an abusive relationship, or help you find peace, or just get you on the right track to get out of financial distress. I truly hope it does so! So here is my story:

I was born in the eastern block, back then known as a communist country called Yugoslavia, if anyone remembers it.
We lived a simple life that left me full of scars. I was always brought up by my parents to believe that without education, you are no one. You can only be a cleaner. If I did not listen to them I was punished. I was beaten with a belt or a wooden spoon.

I was always a dreamer, maybe even a little weird and I guess that was what Universe answered to because my road turned around when a friend invited me to England.

I arrived in London penniless, many moons ago. I did not speak the language, I did not have money and my passport only allowed me to work as an au pair, a nanny. Strange events took me to leave that wonderful post and before I knew it, I was being hunted by immigration police!

I became homeless for a few days and I slept under a bridge. On many days I only ate cornflakes, garlic, and pasta. Milk had “to be taken” from people’s doorsteps at 4 am on numerous occasions.

I was 9 months pregnant when I learned that the man I was with had been cheating on me. All I wanted was to die with my ‘bump’. That night in 2002, I slept under the stars in the fields and was hitting my belly hoping that everything would just disappear. I felt like a wounded animal and was fearful for my future, for the future of my unborn baby. What was going to happen to us? Who will be my baby’s role model?

After a few years, I left that man. I realized he was not good for my son or me, mentally or emotionally. I made that decision and it was the best decision. Sometimes in life, you just need to make decisions. Listen to your gut because it is always right. I moved away and started a new life.

One day I stumbled upon The Secret. I was penniless at that time. I had just sold my grandmother’s bracelet to feed my son, my niece, and myself. The book was actually in my possession for many years, and I only needed to read it once and I was ready. From that day on I spread my wings and I started to fly!

At first, it was hard to believe that I could have a good life, with everything that had happened in my past but I carried on believing and being grateful for the things that were in my life.

Today my son is 20, he is a great guy and I have very successful businesses. Today, I have everything that I ever wanted in my life. Apart from a man. I guess I am still hurting, and healing. However, I am grateful for his arrival and I know when I am ready, the Universe will introduce us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: IvaDiva

London, UK

I am simple, romantic soul. A nurturer. I am my own personal Jesus and I am grateful for everything that comes to me. I have a business that allows me to be anywhere in the world. I am a “traveling lady” looking for my soulmate.

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