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I had been stuck in a rut for a while thinking the whole world was against me. I was hiding away from everyone in my bedroom thinking about all the bad things in my life I’ve suffered with my mental health since I was younger. It was really getting bad. I didn’t want to do anything but stay in my room, that was my safe place where nobody could hurt me but I wasn’t living, I was just existing. I wasn’t happy and felt like I was a burden to everyone. Then my sister texted me last week and I told her everything that I had enough of all the bad stuff happening to me.

I had lost my other sister to suicide in 2017. Then 12 weeks later I lost my best friend to suicide. She was also like a sister to me. Then 6 months later I lost my other best friend. They were the people who had been with me from day one and they were all gone just like that. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Why this happened to me? I didn’t have anyone else. I spent every day with them and they were all gone. My heart was shattered to pieces. My sister and my son’s aunties on his dad’s side were so close to them as well. We turned into a mess because of the loss.

I got really depressed and my son just went into himself, we both changed so much. My son was such a happy-go-lucky, kind, loving, and caring person but after losing them he turned off his feelings and emotions. I was nearly as bad and we didn’t know how to deal with everything that happened.

Then my son’s girlfriend got pregnant in 2020. My beautiful grandson, Hunter, was born and for the first time in a long time, we had something to be happy about. I believe that my mother, sister, and best friend sent him to us because we needed to be saved. I thank God and my Angels for giving me something to be happy about. He is the best boy ever and the love I have for him is unbelievable.

Then after a while, I fell back into the rut again. I didn’t want to do anything I was hiding in my room anytime anyone would come in. I wasn’t happy and it wasn’t only affecting me, it was affecting everyone around me. I felt so guilty about it but I still couldn’t find a way to get back to myself.

Then about a week ago I was texting my sister and I told her everything, that I didn’t want to be here and that everything was bad. She said to me that I was the only person that could change my life and circumstances. I have been focusing on everything that is bad and attracting more of it into my life. What I think and what I focus on is what I become. I needed to start getting myself out of my room, start thinking positive things, and not keep focusing on the bad things because that’s what I was bringing into my life. She said, “You and only you can change your life, Linda.”

After we talked, I really thought about it. I had gotten The Secret books from my son about 2 years ago and I read them. I started getting out, walking, meditating, eating healthy, and changing the way I thought. It really worked for me! I was so happy again but I fell back into my old habits.

So I took out the book again and started reading it. I’m slowly getting better. I am changing the way I think because I know it worked before so I just need to believe, ask, and receive. I have asked for abundance, happiness, gratitude, laughter, love success, peace, and freedom. Everything I want is there for the taking, I just need to believe and trust that everything that I truly want is there for me.

I’m so grateful for this book, it has been a lifesaver for me. I was going to give up but I chose to start fighting for what I deserve and what my family deserves. I know my Angels want me to do better and be happy, successful, strong, kind, and smart. They want me to live and remember all the amazing times we shared together, not just that they passed away. I had a life of great memories with them and they have been with me since they passed away. Not in body but in spirit. I get signs from them like feathers, music, and Robins. I know that it’s them telling me to stop being down and to start living again.

I just found out that my son’s girlfriend is pregnant again and she is having a little girl! I know she was sent to me to change and to live, love, and enjoy all the amazing things I have in my life. So I am not only starting again, I know everything is going to be amazing! I just have to believe, ask, and I will receive everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Thank you for the book, it has given me hope, gratitude, understanding, and the ability to love myself for me and my family. Here is to a great life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you and all the best!


Submitted by: Linda Woods

Ireland Dublin

I’m 45. I have one son and a beautiful grandson and a granddaughter on the way. I’ve been a single mother since my son was born 25 years ago. Even though things were tough, we made it through so I’m so grateful for that.

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