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First of all, I would like to say thank you so very much to Rhonda Byrne and her team at The Secret. I was introduced to The Secret in 2012 by my colleague as she loved reading and always discovered new things. Since then my life has been different and I managed to manifest so many things in my life, simply by holding the thought of what I wanted and releasing it to the Universe. I manifested success in my business, graduation, travel abroad, a car, money, and material things.

I had been in a very abusive relationship that destroyed my life and my career. I lived with my boyfriend and the father of my baby but he was very insecure and abusive. He always thought I was cheating on him and I was not. I am a hardworking, independent woman and own three companies. So I have to be up and down running to fix things, and yet he never understood that. So I decided to end that relationship, and the ending was not smooth but luckily I managed and moved on with my life.

I could not find someone serious who wanted to settle down with me. It started frustrating me and I decided to read The Secret and manifest a perfect relationship. I did my vision board and added pictures of a happy couple. I watched The Secret Dare to Dream and read The Greatest Secret. It was amazing!

I kept wanting to go to the ocean for some reason so I did. I also took my mother with me. For the first time in her life after 55 years of never having been to the ocean, she got to do it with me. When I got to the ocean, I decided that I wanted to find a perfect Magic Rock. The rock I found was in the shape of a heart and I took it. And right away I just knew that it was a sign from the Universe that I was going to find love. And I did!

I found the most wonderful man who is kind and loving. He is very humble and loves me unconditionally. In a short period of time dating each other, he decided that I was the woman he loved and wanted to spend his whole life with, and he got me an engagement ring! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you so very much to the Universe. Every day I think about, see, and feel my wedding day. I am now manifesting growth for my business, financial freedom, a big 4 bedroom house, a million dollars in unexpected income, and a Range Rover. And I will definitely be getting them all. I know that The Secret really works. I live by it every single day and it works. I watch The Secret movie every now and then. So far I have watched it over 100 times and I still read the books every day as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Kapenangutjiua Vetira

Namibia, Africa

My life has changed since The Secret and now I am engaged to a wonderful man. Thank you!

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