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Ever since I lost my sister at a very young age, I always used to think about her each and every day, and I missed her a lot. I felt sad whenever I saw any brothers and sisters and I would just keep on asking, why did she leave me? But then when I was in 12th grade, a girl appeared who came and held my hand and said to me not to worry, she said that she was there with me as my sister and always would be. Not only did I get a sister that day, but I got the world’s best sister, best friend, and a lifetime of support. My strong love for my sister attracted her to me.

Then she introduced me to The Magic book and to the law of attraction, which I had been already using in my life even without knowing about it. No matter what the situation was or is, I always find her by my side. Even if I hurt her, she is still there with me, and that is her true care and love for me. We are bonded by our hearts that is why we are inseparable. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so very much, she is my Universe.

Submitted by: SSR

Surat Gujarat India

Blessed brother of the best sister.

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