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Yesterday I attended a program in Malappuram, conducted by an NLP trainer named Hyderali Shihab, and it was a memorable moment. The team members were highly educated and the majority of the people were counselors. We were able to realize a lot of healing. I also participated in this process. One of the practices was about releasing negativity. I did not really have much negativity to release because every day I say positive affirmations from The Secret book. So I was not personally affected by those healings. Actually, it means that my negative thoughts had already been replaced with positive thoughts. Any negative thoughts were already removed by reading positive affirmations. So thank you so very much for The Secret book. Thank you so very much to Rhonda Byrne ma’am. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so very much to the Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Ramlas

India – Pulikkal

My Passion is to help children who are facing some learning issues.

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