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At every point in my life where I have gone through difficulty, there has been a force that has mysteriously solved things in my favor. I come from a little town in Africa and a very loving family. I graduated from university and got a job in a bigger city. While living there, I got into a relationship with a very abusive man. He would not let me leave him and would go on to stalk and terrorize me for four years. I had become a shadow of myself and was almost resolved to accept this as my destiny.

In 2010, a colleague at work told me about The Secret in passing. I researched it a bit and tried to apply it to my life, even though I did not quite know how. Most important was that I knew that I would be ok. In October of 2010, I was able to get a visa and flee to Canada. In Canada, it was not easy, especially as a foreigner. There were lots of things I could not get access to because I was not a citizen or permanent resident.

I met a Frenchman, and we fell madly in love with each other. Personal problems in my life caused me to attract negativity to our relationship, and we went through the most devastating breakup. We were still mad about each other but needed time to heal from our hurt. I found myself completely alone, broke, and facing homelessness in a foreign country where I had no one. I had no job, no work permit, no way to borrow money, and no one to rely on. I don’t remember ever being so scared in my life. I called my Mum in Africa in tears. I didn’t let her know the extent of the situation I was in, but I told her I needed some money. She told me to believe and trust in the Universe. So I did, and then I just let it go, knowing that everything would resolve itself. She then sent me $200 USD.

I walked into the bank a few days later to convert that money into Canadian funds. The teller lady told me that I had been pre-approved for a $2,000 credit card!! How was that possible? Only citizens and permanent residents of Canada are usually given credit cards. The bank employees were in awe. Two weeks later, I received my credit card in the mail.

How did things change in my favor in such a profound way??? There is a force and a power in this world. I do not understand it totally, but I believe in it, and I am floored by the series of miracles in my life. I am more grateful today than I was yesterday but less grateful than I shall be tomorrow! Thank you for spreading The Secret around the world, Rhonda. Now, I am going to create exactly the life I want. I will be back here to testify again soon. Never give up hope. Believe.

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The luckiest girl on earth. My life has always been charmed, I just never realized it.

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