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In my career as an IT professional, I was able and very fortunate enough to work and live in some interesting places, that were previously unknown to this small town rancher from the Texas Panhandle.

I made many acquaintances in my travels professionally and as the days passed by, with many non-work acquaintances as well.

I would see myself in particular situations with both work and non-work experiences which became a reality in my adventures. I still have vivid memories of the most humorous events occurring as I explored and learned with so many different personalities during my work and remote living situations.

I owe my happiness and memories to The Secret which I became aware of late, but then realized The Secret’s hold on my life. My thoughts and memories have been exciting for me. I cherish those folks whose paths crossed with my own as if it were happening today.

Life is Blessed.

Submitted by: Russ Pierson

Galveston Texas

Retired IT Consultant and Cattle Rancher.

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