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As they say, there are no coincidences. People attract everything in their lives, and so did I. Life is full of ups and downs, and I have experienced both. I have had my share of good and bad experiences, and falling in love with a guy was one of them. He loved me too, and we got married.

However, our love story was not a typical one, as we had been in a long-distance relationship to start. While I lived in Canada, he was working in the UK on a permit. After our marriage, I applied for his Canada visa, and it took about ten months to get it. I was thrilled to finally be able to live with my love and start a new life together. The first day was everything I had imagined it to be. Being with my husband was a dream come true, and I was over the moon. However, the next day, I discovered something that shattered me completely. While my husband was jet-lagged and asleep, I casually went through his phone and found a romantic conversation between him and another girl. I was devastated to realize that he had been cheating on me from the beginning of our relationship and that there was no love between us. He had only married me for my Canadian status. To make matters worse, I found out that he was not only having an affair with one girl, but he was also seeing another woman. Although he promised to change and make things right, I had lost all faith and love in our relationship. It was a dead-end, and there was no point in continuing to hold on to something that was already broken. At that point, I felt like my life was doomed and I would never find true happiness.

Then, I remembered something that changed my perspective. I remembered The Secret, and how our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. If I had attracted all the misery in my life, why couldn’t I attract a fairytale? So, I decided to change my focus and started to think about what I truly wanted in a partner. I made a list of all the qualities that I wanted in a man. It included things like honesty, education, good looks, commitment, and wealth. I started to believe that I deserved someone who would love and cherish me, someone who would make me feel like a princess. I kept my faith and continued to believe that my fairytale was possible. And guess what?

It happened. I met the most loving, caring, and handsome man who was also well-educated, healthy, and wealthy. He was committed to me and only me, and he happened to be a Canadian citizen. We fell in love, got married, and now live in our dream home. My in-laws are also loving and caring, and my parents are happy that I am married to such a wonderful man. I realized that the end of one story is always the beginning of a new one. We get to write our own story, and it’s up to us whether we want it to be a fairytale or not. I chose to write a fairytale, and I am living it now. So, to all those who are going through a tough time, keep dreaming, and don’t give up. Dreams do come true, and you deserve to have your own fairytale ending.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Believer, living a fairy tale life with prince charming.

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