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In the second year of college life, I used to be very negative. I did not trust anything or anyone easily and I was kind of an atheist. I was in search of a perfect life partner. Met and talked to a lot of girls. None of them gave me good vibes. After many failures, I left this idea and lost all of my hope. However, I never stopped visualizing. I used to imagine my perfect partner and I was always having my best time with this person. I was not aware of the law of attraction or The Secret at the time, I would just imagine things I wanted and then forget about them or let them go.

After a few months, I met a girl. At the time I did not know that she would be my better half. I talked to her. She was my junior and slowly we become friends, then best friends.

At the time she was going through a bad phase of her life due to her previous relationship. There was a lot of uncertainty. But deep inside I had this feeling that she was the one I had always dreamed of. The Universe had sent her to me. The perfect girl I wanted.

Then my mind became very negative and my close ones said to just leave her, otherwise, it will be very hard to come out of it. I went through the worst phase of my life at that time but I never lost hope.

Then I read The Secret and watched The Secret movie. These two things motivated me a lot. I realized that everything happens due to the law of attraction. So I used affirmations and visualization, and I would meditate on my wish.

After a lot of struggles, she is now my girlfriend! We’re in a relationship and we’re happy and satisfied with each other’s presence. She’s the most important woman to me now.

Thank you, Universe, for fulfilling my wish. I love you. I am looking forward to getting married soon. In India, we have caste problems. We belong to different castes but with the help of the Universe, the law of attraction, and The Secret, I can achieve it. I have faith in the Universe.

Prayers for us are really appreciated and I’m very very grateful to each one of you. Believe in the Universe, you will definitely get your dreams. Prayers for you my friend.

Thank you so much to everyone. Thank you to the Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Pritish D.

Angul, Odisha, India

A person who easily got trapped in negative thoughts but never lost faith.

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