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My story starts with a struggle. I married an abusive partner at the age of 23. I found myself pregnant 2 years into my marriage. My partner was a closet abuser. The abuse was subtle at first but it built up over time. It was like having your hand in a pot of water that boils slowly over time. That was why I stayed. He was very good at manipulation. I wanted to see the best in him, and society is not understanding of mental health issues.

When I left, it was because my daughter came to me and told me to leave. Her ultimatum was that if I stayed then she was going to sever her ties with me and she would not look back. She had to get out.

So I listened to her and I was close with my kids. That was despite my partner’s constantly trying to separate me from my children. I could not be without my daughter so I made the decision right then and there to leave.
It was terrible. My ex did terrible things to try and punish me for leaving. I was struggling, and then that same child came to me and said to look into the law of attraction and The Secret.

A little bell went off. I had tried to feel better throughout my life. I had seen The Secret but I still allowed myself to remain so low, as I had no insight back then. So, this time I focused. I focused on myself, and my newfound gratefulness, and happiness. I asked for 10,000 dollars in my bank account so I could at least pay my lawyers. In less than a month, there it was! I had 10,000 dollars in my bank account and I was overjoyed! So I continued my process.

Despite his best efforts of stonewalling me and carrying out smear campaigns against me, here I am! I have been divorced for two years now and I own my own house! I am very close to being financially worry free.

Now I realize that I had been manifesting even back then! When he would threaten me about leaving, and he would say that it was his house, I would silently think, and believe that I would have my own house one day, without him! Even though at the time he made me into a stay-at-home mom, and financially kept us broke, I knew it would happen but I had zero idea how it would happen.

But here I am. Because part of The Secret is taking steps, I took the first step to leave that situation. And then finding new happiness and gratefulness unleashed all of these good things in my life! I am closer with my kids, and now we are all blessed with a granddaughter. Life is so amazing! I continue to manifest what I want. I slip from time to time, and then negativity can creep in. But when I get back on track, good things start up again. All I can say is the key to manifesting for me, is gratefulness and focusing on myself.

We all deserve good things in this life. None of us were meant to suffer. The power is within us!!!! I wish you all happy manifesting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Delaine W

Ontario Canada

I am a proud mom of three adult children. I have one beautiful granddaughter. I am divorced from an abusive marriage of 27 years. My amazing daughter helped me leave that situation, with her constant focus on me and what was best for me, stemming from her love for my well being. My two boys supported that decision and are there for me always. I am living my best life! I am focusing on a career change now, and just simply going through my days grateful, happy, and smiling.

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